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Import Content: Allow selection of Course Settings

Import Content: Allow selection of Course Settings


When you import content into a course we'd like to have the ability to choose wither to import course settings. 

We noticed that when our teachers imported a Canvas Course Package, the course settings of that course changed the course settings they were importing into. We were training teachers using 200 sandbox courses with the course visibility set to "Course" and asked them to import a package we had created for them. We ended up having the course visibility for those 200 courses changed from "Course" to "Public" after the import was complete. We didn't realizing the content they imported had a course visibility setting that was set to "Public". 

We have fixed our immediate issue by making the imported package course visibility set to "Course", but we'd like to keep this from happening inadvertently in the future. 

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New Member

I agree with this completely - SPECIFICALLY in instances where course assignments/quizzes are imported via course cartridge (i.e. from a third party tool that supports Canvas export). Those items, especially since they aren't coming from another course where the grade posting policy could be different, should automatically adopt the grade posting policy set in the destination course - not simply default to automatic.