Import Question Banks to Sub-Account Level


We would like the ability to import Question Banks to the Sub-Account and Account level.

In a course, we have the ability to import a Question Bank from another course or import a QTI formatted question bank from a Publisher. However, the only way for a Question Bank to exist in a Sub-account is to create the bank manually, one question at a time.

Having the ability to import QBs to the Sub-Account level would allow us to manage a much larger library of content for Quizzes.

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Good idea! This fits in with the larger issue of making the QTI import function a more agile and robust tool. Others who are interested in this topic may want to check out another idea that's open for voting: 

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Great idea, we hope this would replicate the same functionality as exist at course level that you can export and import questions banks from one sub account to another.

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Is there any way to dump questions into a sub account question bank through through API?

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Great idea

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Yes, no??


There currently isn't even a way for multiple people to work in a sub-account to create questions manually, sharing the load.  So only the sub-account admin can add questions.     Example:   If each school in a K-12 district has a sub-account, all the grade-level teachers, or all the same-content teachers can't collaborate to within the sub-account to create the questions in the banks  (as far as I can tell).

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Yes, yes, yes please Instructure please add this to your development radar! The question banks at account level are pretty much redundant as they have such limited functionality. 

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I wish development worked faster on things like this that make total sense. I noticed that this idea come up over a year ago. I don't even think it's in development. I love Canvas and all it offers and hope this can happen soon. 

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Please review , which is related to this import idea. Thank you!

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Doesn't seem that this has had much activity lately but hoping that it is still being considered!  We have faculty who are working to collaborate on assessment and who are working with program question banks that should be easily accessed throughout their program and by multiple faculty. Being able to import banks at the sub-account level would help tremendously!

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Hi Shari,

Just wanted to let you know in the end we decided against sub account level question banks because in order to edit the question banks, it would require authorizing all the instructors at a higher Canvas access level.  Instead we went with a course site that they control and they put all their question banks there.  Here's the discussion thread about program questions banks.

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One other great reason for this feature is that often my instructors forget to import question banks along with the quizzes from one course to another which means you have to start all over again by making question groups and linking to brand new question banks.

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Really need this feature.

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Our curriculum department would love the ability to import into these district question banks.  It is not realistic to expect someone to add one question at a time, especially if they already exist in another bank!  Not only importing via QTI, I would also suggest permissions to be able to Move/copy multiple questions from another question bank.

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