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Import a text version of a course outline to populate Modules

Import a text version of a course outline to populate Modules

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This might need to be in a csv or specific markdown format, but essentially, a user could import a file to create a course shell. The file would need to be able to specify what type of module item to create, and it would create and title the modules and module items accordingly.

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Community Team
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This could be treated similar to the sections import Canvas already has:  As in, the files would target a specific course Id.

Following that train of thought, there could be two different imports, one for modules and one for content.  It could be very handy to have the ability to assign module lock dates in the module file, especially for longer courses where setting dates can be rather tedious in the Canvas UI, and once a course has been populated this way the modules would have a unique Id that could be easily updated with an additional import. 

Module item import might be a bit more tricky since there's a few flavors of content, but if the file is limited to type (page vs assignment vs discussion, etc), moduleId, and title should be simple to build out the bones of a course quickly.

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