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Import calendar from ICS file

Import calendar from ICS file

I am aware that we can export our canvas calendar feed to another calendar but it would be nice to import calendar feeds too.


For example, I would like to be able to import my institution's academic calendar into canvas. I find myself having to re-enter important dates so that I can see them as I schedule assignments and tests--it seems silly to have to retype them when they are available as an ics file, if only I could import it.


Originally suggested on the old forum by Michael Young.

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We have our day rotation in Google Calendar (and every other important school event) and it would be a major lifesaver to have this happen. My teachers have asked for it again and again. There is a workaround but its so time-consuming, inelegant and horrible that I won't be doing it. Please PLEASE make this happen in whatever way you can.

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Still hoping to see this feature soon!  All our administrative calendars are maintained in Google, so instructors are forced to flip back and forth between Google & Canvas when planning classwork.  Being able to link external calendar .ics files inside Canvas would be tremendously helpful!

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Ok, I finally found an example of what the Canvas Calendar looks like in Outlook (both Outlook 2013 and 2016). Please see this link:  View multiple calendars at the same time - Outlook . It's the one in the middle (all green). It doesn't matter if you change the color of each course or make special colors for different categories (ex: Academic Calendar could be Blue, Assignments for one course green, another course red, etc.), when you download the .ics file and import it into Outlook they are all green. Not only that, it shows every detail of the assignment, so you must click on it, or view the day itself to view the entire entry. Thus making it a bit futile. Even if you view it in 1 calendar view. It would look Much better if it looked like image #3 on this page (Change to Month view) : Change how you view your Outlook calendar - Outlook.

Outlook and Microsoft Office in General is widespread and Education users receive a significant discount or it free, so it will likely be even more prolific. I understand if it can't be implemented in the next few months, the release cycle isn't cake.

I can make it a new topic to try to get over 135 votes if everyone wishes???

It is the calendar in the middle where the sentence ends in "This is the side by side view" (Microsoft, 2016)

Thank You @ Peyton Craighill Admin​ , @Donna Henry and @Scott Harris

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Yes, please! Having to manage our Google calendar and Canvas calendar separately is such a headache!

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This would be a fantastic addition!

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Thanks for the information on viewing the Canvas calendar in Outlook.  Whether using Google or Outlook for your school calendaring, my thought for importing these calendars into Canvas is for the convenience of scheduling assignments.  Our school keeps several master calendars for different divisions.  Being able to view school holidays & activities, scheduled testing, etc. while scheduling assignments withing Canvas would be very helpful.  

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Yes, please! Badly needed! I have other calendars, including some that are not school related. I could import all my calendars into Google Calendar or iCal, but since I use Canvas more often for other things it makes more sense to put all my calendars there.

A couple of buttons under the existing "Calendar Feed" button with options to import using a URL or ICS file are all that are needed. Thanks!

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To add to the thread, adding an option of importing calendars would be REALLY helpful!!


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This feature would be very useful to our institution as well. 

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I agree that this would be extremely helpful! I know that this feed is a couple of years old, so I really hope that this is still on the radar of the developers.  Please please please!!!

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Hi, I noticed that the original thread or idea was from back in 2015. I think this would be a very useful feature. I looked to do the same myself and through the "Help" option on canvas, landed on the idea search and eventually here. Please consider implementing this idea.



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Calendar import is a common feature in other LMS platforms (BrightSpace-D2L, Moodle).  Most institutions have calendar programs in place and want to exchange data rather than manually add to another place which increases risk of erroneous/out of sync data.  As a way for Canvas to be the center of the learning ecosystem on many campuses, I strongly recommend considering this idea for implementation in the near future.


This has been a request from several of the faculty so that they can see and manage events and reminders from one calendar instead of moving between the two. 

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Very big need to be able to import or link to an external calendar from within Canvas courses. Administration, teachers and students want to be able to see school calendar within Canvas.

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I made an OVERLY LONG post elsewhere about that this would be a good thing....but..... beware the consequences of good intentions! lol

I actually have the college's overall master calendar in my personal calendar that is on my smartphone also... which is a GOOD thing...but....

This colllege, like all colleges i assume, has....a POSITIVE FLURRY..... of things that are happening the first few weeks of a semester...and the end of the semester...just lots of things.

In other are now "stuck" entering things....

but...if this is implemented, and I think that it should be, one will then be "stuck" deleting a LOT of stuff in....each and every section in their calendars of stuff that you do not actually want to be there...

just sayin'.

And, again, I like the importation of a calendar.. but....most folks do not know how to edit a "raw" icalendar...file.. is how to do the deed....if you presently want it on your smart phone or home computer.

a) on your computer make a "personal calendar to edit" calendar... profile...

b) import the calendar

c) it will be SOMEWHAT tedious.... but go through and remove the events that you do not actually WANT in the calendar...

d) update it will ONLY BE on your personal calendar and it will not feed "back" into anything...

e) download  or export the calendar

f) then import to the calendar that will be your master calendar...

g) you will then have the "college master calendar" without the things that you don't need and having the things that you do need.

h) depending on your calendar app you SHOULD be able to view "multiple calendars".... thus YOU...personally..... could view this "college calendar that I modfied" and your "other calendar" to see both or even three or four. 

i) this can get really "too much in the square" on a cell phone, but it does work.  on YOUR cell phone or computer..

But....again..... if this "college calendar import" is ever implemented you will be provided with an .ical or .csv file and instead of just importhing the whole thing the above method should provde a more workable amount of information from the colletge calendar.


just a thought of little worth.


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This would be extremely helpful for moving our school calendar to our faculty 'course' so teachers can see all the school events on their Canvas calendar while planning.

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Community Team

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This change will only impact the stage sort of this idea and will not change how it is voted on or how it is considered during prioritization activities.  This change will streamline the list of ideas 'open for voting', making it easier for you to see the true top voted ideas in one sort, here.

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This would be very helpful. Please, please, please.


To add to this..... It would be helpful if importing into the calendar could be at a Canvas Course level and not just for the user. This would allow Lecture / Tutorial timetables to be brought in and shared with all students on the course as well as (when the time comes) importing the examination / assessment timetables.