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Improve Export features for Learning Mastery Gradebook

Improve Export features for Learning Mastery Gradebook


Improvements are needed to make the Learning Mastery gradebook more powerful and easier to use. One simple and easy improvement would be to add students' SIS ID numbers to the export report. Currently, only a students' Canvas/BLEND ID number is provided, which is useless for importing into our school district's official gradebook application.

In Austin ISD, we can import grades into our official gradebook, but it requires a spreadsheet in which each row includes a student ID number. 

We have noticed that the traditional grade book in Canvas/BLEND does include students’ SIS ID number in a second column in addition to their Canvas ID number. So we are hoping that this might be an easy fix on your end to add this component to the reports.

Improving the export functions in the Learning Mastery gradebooks will make adoption of Standards-Based Grading an easier transition by easing the grading burden on teachers.