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The Files search function results should include information about where in Files a particular file is located.

I'm editing a page and want to include a book icon image that I know is somewhere in my files. I have two choices

  1. I either have to manually open and scan thru each folder looking for "b&w book icon.png" (Is it in the Images folder or some other subfolder? Is it in the Assets folder or some subfolder there? Do I even remember/know the name of the file?) or
  2. leave the editing and go to Files to use the search tool. Even then, the search results don't tell where in Files a particular file is located. Again, it will find "b&w book icon.png" but it doesn't tell me if it is in Images/icons or Assets/Navigation or whatever.

In case 1 it would be very helpful to have a search function in the editor view.

In case 2 having location information in the search results would be better than nothing. Then I could go back to the page editor and at least know which folder to go into.

Community Explorer

I think both of these would be highly valuable. I found this idea as I'm just looking for particular files, not editing page. For instance:

One of the course contributors has uploaded duplicate or updated version of a file to the root directory. I do a search, and see that a second file with the same name exists. But I don't know where this original file is situated (we have a substantial course), so I'll have to go through all of the folders before I can find out where it is, so that I can move this new file to the prior location. I also can't tell which file is where, so I might accidentally do something with (e.g. delete) one file when I meant to do it with the other.


A location column, or even the option to display a popup of the location, would give me the information I need. Funnily enough, using the ellipsis menu I can move either file wherever I want to from the search results but I don't even know where they currently reside...

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We definitely need this. We will be editing and replacing a huge number of files, and it's going to be incredibly time consuming to click through all of the subfolders to locate where to upload them to.

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