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Improve Grade One Question at a time

Improve Grade One Question at a time

First i still see the entire exam of one student, not just one question.  Second I am not able to look at a grade all of one particular question for ALL of my students at one time.  This gives a more consistency in grading and makes it go quicker.  Clicking through each student for each question takes a long time for it to load and when you are talking about 15-20 questions for 61 students that is a lot of going to the top of the screen and clicking and waiting. 


Originally posted by Jill Feinstein

Also requested by Kevin West and Ed Finn

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Community Coach


Without being argumentative, and recognizing that your points are valid; I have used 5 different LMSs in my long career and find SpeedGrader to be the greatest invention since sliced bread.

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I like it just fine when I'm using it to grade assignments, as when I'm looking at a longer essay response. But when I'm grading quizzes, with 5-8 short answer questions (a common assessment I do), then I can't fathom how it could be worse. To further your analogy, this bread might be sliced, but the flour is filled with cockroaches and the oven is way to hot.

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I agree with most of Matt's points and suggestions, especially about the update button, because I use open ended questions a lot and it adds one more click.  I am developing carpal tunnel syndrome, so, the fewer clicks the better.  SpeedGrader continues to get better.  It was pretty clunky 5-6 years ago.  

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It is so depressing to see that this has been a consistent request from multiple users for 4 years now without much progress. Sigh. 

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Any progress to report on this feature? I just lost an hour's worth of work because of flaws in the grade-by-question beta feature. At this point, I'd be delighted if my institution dumped Canvas. Seeing question responses in-line on one page is critical to fair grading.

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Canvas! Please either update this feature or let us know the progress. Multiple clicks and loading new exams for each response is cumbersome, inefficient, and unfair grading. 

Add the grade multiple responses feature for short answer and long answer questions! 

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Yep. I've been asking for some progress on this crap tool for several years now. It is a terrible feature, and the amount of time it takes to grade assessments is HORRENDOUS. I will be recommending we move away from Canvas. It feels like everything that is actually important gets no attention unless someone outside of the system creates a macro hack.

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This would save soooo much time. I love your mock up!

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It looks like it's not happening in the near future: 
Like many of the recent commenters, I would love for my institution to abandon Canvas.

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Keep talking to your Faculty Senate rep if you aren't already. This is gaining momentum. I can also send you the names of the technology subcommittee folk.