Improve Outcome alignment reports

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I use Outcomes (AP Biology standards) heavily in my class. Every assignment has at least one linked and all of my quiz banks are built aligned to one Outcome so I get very granular data on assessments. The problem is that there is no way to easily see all assignments linked to a particular Outcome.


Right now, the only way to do this is to go to Outcomes and then click on the title (this doesn't make sense to me, either) which takes me to a page showing alignments and an unsortable list of student Outcome artifacts. From there, I can click on a student to see all of their Outcome artifacts, but it shows their results for every Outcome linked in any course enrollment.


I'd like to suggest the following improvements:

1. In the Assignment, add a menu item on the right for Outcome Results for that assignment. It shows all student results from the rubric used.



2. In the Learning Mastery gradebook, add a link for each Outcome that goes to the existing report. It's usually when I'm grading that I want to know what assignments were linked. 




OR, in the Individual view, make the default report for a student all Outcomes with active links to the existing report.


The biggest impact would be reducing clicks and exposing these reports when they're most useful.

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What a great usability idea! Love it.

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This sounds like a great way to make the data more usable and save time.  It has my vote.

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This has my vote. Currently, outcomes are really on the back burner for students and they have to dig to see a lot of information or only have it in one place. Same for instructors. I think visibility to outcomes needs to improve on all accounts.

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It would also be great from the account level to be able to pull a report of the outcomes and what course, instructor, assignment have an outcome aligned to it BEFORE any results are captured by the instructor.

For our gen ed courses, as a university, we require specific institutional learning outcomes to be aligned. We are looking for a way to check compliance. Going into each course to check is cumbersome. More reporting around outcomes would be great!

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Community Team
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