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Improve Rubric View Drag Handles on SpeedGrader

Improve Rubric View Drag Handles on SpeedGrader

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The SpeedGrader view window has drag handles that allow sliding the assignment window and rubric window left and right for resizing. The grab handles for this view slider are dysfunctional and often non-responsive.

Here is a video of the problem: 

Specifically, any way to reprogram the interface to resize for Rubric full size view would be most ideal.

I configure most of my course assignments to be graded and commented in the live G Suite for Education Workspace, so viewing the assignment window is pointless. The rubric is ALL that matters. I train students to unlock work to "anyone in the district with the link can comment/edit" and then upload that Web URL for the assignments so that real comments are stored in the real workspace for real editing and revision later. It is my wholehearted belief that students do not read the comments stored in Canvas annotations on a still image converted to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint format when they could revise work if the comments were stored in the original product. The latter is another issue entirely, but I think SpeedGrader would work better if we put the students' perspective first. How does the Scoring Rubric view for students when they check their grades on their work? Is a student likely to click to open that and read the comments? Is the design prohibitive or their access to feedback or is the design creating healthy academic habits for students? The Rubric should be the first thing they see when they pop open the assignment to read the grade and comments, rather than a tiny icon in the corner. 


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