Improvement for the new user status "Suspended"

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The new "suspended" status is a good idea for institutions to control global licenses. But there needs to be a way to identify users we have suspended, both in courses and in their profile.

It would also be nice if administrators could suspend a user with a lower role from the user's profile.

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Thanks for sharing this idea, @JuanmaEs . Would you provide more information about the "suspended" status for global licenses and how it is connected to a request for a new user status? They sound like very different features that serve different purposes, but we'd like to hear your perspective.

Also, does your school use an SIS to manage enrollments? These details will assist our members and engineers in evaluating the request.


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Hi Stefanie i talked about the new feature added in Canvas the last 2021-11-10. As it's said in this page:

"SIS Import Format Documentation


  • In status field, added suspended status, which leaves a student’s enrollment intact but prevents them from logging in"

The improvements that i describe is about that. We need in the user page a message indicating if the user is "suspended". Also it would be easier way to suspend a user if in its page it appear "suspend" button. More over, we'd like to see a similar message to "inactive" in the roster in "people" in each course.

Also as a last request but not as important as the others i mentioned before, we'd like to see a "suspended" message in the global user view.

Thaks you. 


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Thanks for that helpful elaboration, @JuanmaEs . We've moved the idea forward for broader discussion.

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Very much needed implementation. Is there any way to accelerate this conversation, @Stef_retired ? This new status is a huge improvement but it still needs much more development.

Thanks for sharing, @JuanmaEs !!!

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@LuciaSalgueiro  How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community? and What is the feature development process for Instructure products? describe the Idea Conversations process and how it helps determine the long-term roadmap. If you need an immediate solution, please bring this to the attention of your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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@JuanmaEs @LuciaSalgueiro 

I agree that there should be improvements to this within the Canvas UI, both for an admin when they access a user account's page and for the teacher/instructor/faculty from within the "People" area of the course.

From an admin perspective, a status of "suspended" should be visible and they should have the ability (if they have the appropriate permissions) to change the status between "suspended" and "active".

From a teacher/instructor/faculty perspective, an "inactive" status in the "People" area of the course would probably be enough because "suspended" might cause concern (although, it might be helpful to see because it would should that there is a difference).

With that said, I was just looking into this and I was on the phone with level 1 support and they were connected with level 2 support.

From the API if you go to ...


... you will see "workflow_state" for each login possibility.

If a user has been suspended, it will say "suspended" in that area.

While not as easy to get to, it is an option from within the API.

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Thank you for submitting this request @JuanmaEs - This is very important to my institution as well.  While it is a great benefit to be able to suspend a user in our Canvas instance, we need some type of UI chance so that our admins/support/teachers know that a user has been suspended without needing to access the API or provisioning reports.  A simple marking of "suspended" on the people area in both the course and administrative areas would serve our need.

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Seria ótimo se criarem um link de suspenção do aluno igual ao “Agir como Usuário” na guia de administração.