Inactive a User_Id from Account Level


Hi Community! 

It will be great if Canvas create on the Status field of the Users file a new value = "Inactive". 

On the log-in page, if not using any auth. provider, a error message will pop-up to alert the user that his credentials are "inactive" or any other kind of message like this. 

Even if the user has active enrollments, he won't show on the tools like: people, grades, reports etc.. simply because his Account status is inactive. 

The reason why i'm creating this idea it's because if we delete a User and then active the user (with same credentials) all the enrollments that he had won't return (only if we enroll him again).

Edit: Please support this idea Disable/Deactivate User at Account Level as mentioned below.


Alexandre S.

Community Champion

This is a great idea and I am kind of surprised that this isn't already available as the #enrollment api has this option already. 

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I do support this idea. It does sound similar to another one that has several votes and a lengthy discussion going: Disable/Deactivate User at Account Level. You might want to take a look at that one and give it some support.

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I too support this idea in admin panel  there should be option disable users (make active and inactive). 



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I would love this! It's definitely needed!

Community Explorer

I support this idea. Right now if a student leaves our school we are leaving their account active and just resetting the password just in case we want to reference their records. (We do save exported reports but it's nice to have the original Canvas account as a back up)

I would like to see a way to disable or make the account inactive account-wide so that they cannot log in and they are shown as inactive for all their courses (so teachers wouldn't see their name on the roster, but we could still access their grades and logs)

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Hi Joni, 

Don't forget to change his login_id, because the student can request a "Forgot my password", if you don't use a sso approach, and get a new password via e-mail. I always change the login_id and the email to something like "innactive_(student current loginId)" and the email to "email@email", so it wont receive the forgot my password. 

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Thank you, that is a good idea. Thankfully we register students with their school email, which would be deactivated when the student leaves, so they shouldn't be able to access their forgot password link, but moving forward we may consider doing this as an extra precaution. 

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Yes, I was posting this same idea when yours appeared. 

We need an "inactive" status at the user level similar to what we had in Blackboard. 

There are times when students are restricted from accessing their course content (Canvas) for disciplinary reasons but their account is still enabled in Active Directory to give them email access and other programs.  I need the ability as admin to limit their access to Canvas only, which is how we would use the "inactive" status.  "Deleted" is not an option or a substitute for this situation.

My only workaround right now is to mark all of their courses as "inactive" in the membership/enrollment file, but that is painful and also causes an issue for the instructor when the student disappears and reappears from the course.

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