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Include Administrative Notifications for Eportfolio Moderation

Include Administrative Notifications for Eportfolio Moderation


Please include Eportfolio Moderation additions in administrative notifications, or create a separate administrative notification for Eportfolio Moderation additions. The notification would also be subject to notification preferences (right away, daily, weekly, or do not send).

Alternatively, display a number in the Admin menu next to 'ePortfolio Moderation' for the number of entries needing attention. That would look something like this:


Either of these features would aid the Canvas administrators in monitoring the ePortfolio Moderation area.


This would be amazing! Instead of having to go into the instance to check for eportfolio moderation if admins could receive an email notification when it is needed to take a look at an eportfolio that would be great.

New Member

This request was raised because our Eportfolio was spammed so improved moderation would help us manage this.