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Include linked pages when sharing to Commons

Include linked pages when sharing to Commons

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Don't get me wrong: I love Commons! But imagine my surprise when I learned that linked pages weren't being included when sharing pages or modules to Commons.

Here's the scenario: I created a module consisting of pages that I share across different courses. Several of these pages contain links to sub-pages. The sub-pages do not appear anywhere else--just as a link in the primary page. For example, I create a page and in that page, I link to another course page--a sub-page. Why? The primary page provides context and direction for using the linked sub-pages. 

When I share this module to Commons, however, only the primary pages are being copied into Commons. None of the linked sub-pages are copied. 

When I include a linked PDF file in the primary page, however, the PDF file is part of the copy to Commons; no problem. But pages are more accessible than PDF documents, so I use pages.

So why are linked pages handled differently than linked PDF files?

If I use the Copy To feature on the module instead of sharing it to Commons, the module primary pages and sub-pages are copied to the destination course. No problem. But this means I need to repeat this step for each course, whereas if Commons worked as expected, I could copy the content into multiple courses at once. And using Copy To, I miss the central library feature that Commons is wonderful for.

So here's my idea: Please make sharing pages with linked pages to Commons work the same as sharing pages with linked PDF documents. I believe all linked or embedded content that is being shared at the top level should be part of the copy to Commons.



Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this experience, @colleen_harmon . Before we move it forward in this forum, let's make sure that this is indeed the expected behavior. Have you asked Canvas Support to investigate? If so, do you have the case number—and if not, would you please use the pathway to support provided by your organization to initiate a case? 

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Thank you, Stefanie.

Our ID reached out to Canvas Support and received this response:

Thank you for reaching out to Canvas Support! We are sorry your pages are not copying over to Commons. We investigated and confirmed with our next level of support that links to other pages, even if the other pages are in Canvas, would not be expected to be uploaded. This behavior is different than a file (like PDF) that is uploaded to the page. Please reach out with any questions. 

Should I ask that a case be opened?



Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open


Hi @colleen_harmon - If this is the intended behavior, let's open the idea for conversation. It's technically a change to the behavior. I think it would be valuable for instructors who share content via Commons!

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I am annoyed by this issue too.  I am trying to share a page with linked sub-pages as a resource for a department on campus.  Pages with linked sub-pages is by far the best way to create this resource, but I cannot arrange it that way if it cannot be shared on Commons.