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Include user profile links in API call

Include user profile links in API call

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Currently, the API call to retrieve the user profile details has an undocumented API parameter to include the 'links' URL and Title from the user's profile.  By including the query string of 'include[]=links', you will get a 'links' element in the response data structured as such:

"links": [{"url": <some url>,"title": <some title>"}]


Since this is an undocumented parameter, it is not supported by Canvas Engineering and stop working in the future. This API parameter should be kept as a permanent feature since it exposes the links data to district administration and allows checking if harmful hyperlinks put there by the user via the UI.


From a K-12 perspective, URLs entered by a student can be extremely harmful and currently go unchecked there is a means via the API to do so, much like is available for checking the bio text. 


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Let's vote this up the food chain to keep this important API parameter in the product!