Increase Character Count for Answer Comments in Quiz Questions


I personally have used comment boxes to provide instant feedback to students on concept check quizzes that I require students to take after watching recorded video lectures. However, there is character limitation in the comment boxes which if exceeded will prevent the question from compiling. When typing explanations and solutions in the comment boxes, I found I would frequently exceed the character limitation. We are requesting that the character limitation in answer comments on quizzes be removed.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. You and your colleagues will be happy to learn that this character limit is not imposed on question feedback fields in New Quizzes.  How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New Quizzes? shows one example of the feedback fields that are also available for other question types.

Our developers are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled to be deprecated early next year, so we have marked this idea for archival. We hope you will explore the New Quizzes User Group for guidance on getting started with the new quiz tool.

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The "new quiz" engine has replaced the old equation editor with "math quill", which may be easier for students that don't know LaTex but it is far less useful for those of us that know LaTex and are writing fairly sophisticated university level mathematics quizzes and exams.

Please bring back the old equation equation editor!!!