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Indexing of Google Drive Improvement for Assignment Submissions

Indexing of Google Drive Improvement for Assignment Submissions

When submitting an assignment using Google Docs through canvas our domain has so many files and folders shared to the domain that they all show up in the document picker option.


152685_Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.04.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.04.15 PM.png

This makes it impossible to find the document that you need to submit.


We are a GAFE school and use Hapara to help manage folders and Chromebooks and this makes it impossible for students to find and turn in assingments.  They are now having to download the Google doc as a .docx and upload as a file.


If we could have this display index to what is in the users actual drive that would solve this problem.

Community Team
Community Team


Thank you for your Feature Idea submission. We wanted to call your attention to   which was submitted in a different voting period, but archived due to lack of votes or inadequate response. You may want to reference this idea for any insight.

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Community Team

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. February 3, 2016 - Wed. May 4, 2016.

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We have a long-standing ticket for this issue that we've decided to deprioritize, since we're beginning work on new and improved workflows for Google Drive in Canvas. That work will improve the "document picker" workflow, support more than 500 documents, and display files in a nested hierarchy (just like you see them in Google Drive). If anyone is interested in providing feedback as we work through the research on this project, please email me at

Community Coach
Community Coach

Awesome news, Allison!


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not that anything seems to have changed

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Can I add to this that from what seems to have been updated on my institutions version of Canvas, Google Drive access is listed in three different ways, 2 of which are the same functionalities (GDoc & Google Drive), and 2 have the same name but are 2 different programs [Google Drive access (image 1) & Google Assignment Submission (image 2)]. 

There needs to be better labeling on the item and ensure that if the functionalities are different, then they are labeled accordingly. I do not understand why GDoc & Google Drive are there when they are exactly the same (see Image 1 & 2): Student authorizes access, picks their assignment, it gets converted to a Microsoft Office file, and uploaded to Canvas. 

Image 1:


Image 2:


Image 3: