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Inherited Ratings Scales on Rubrics/Outcomes

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Inherited Ratings Scales on Rubrics/Outcomes

  Idea open for vote Wed. January 6, 2016 - Wed. April 6, 2016  Learn more about voting...




It would  be easier when creating rubrics and outcomes if the "Ratings" scale could be inherited for each new outcome.  In other words, if the ratings scale on the first outcome is changed from 5-3-0 to 4-3-2-1-0, that scale and associated titles for each number in the scale needs to show up on the next new outcome or need the ability to copy the scale.  Reproducing the scale for each new outcome is time consuming.


I understand this has been raised before without enough votes but this would save a lot of time.



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This shouldn't be a feature request - sounds like basic functionality to me! Voted anyway.

Sigh - love Canvas but devil is in the detail sometimes...

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It would be a huge time saver if rubric rating scales could be duplicated in a rubric build.  I'd rather be able to copy a rating scale and then take the time to go back and "tweek" it than having to create each row separately.  That's a lot of time when your building a rubric with 150 criteria!   Thanks for listening! Smiley Happy

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Similar to what has been asked already, being able to set a rating scale as my personal 'default' would be extremely helpful.

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This would have literally saved me days of work in the past.  Maybe the following would be interested in this feature:

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I hadn't seen this yet.  Thank you!  I hadn't done a search recently.  I use some of James's scripts already, and every one makes my life easier.  I'll definitely be trying out this one.  I have a few faculty I'll want to give this to, once I test it out a little.

James's script still requires Outcomes to be pre-built if they are added to a rubric, so I'd still want the feature noted in this Idea.