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Instructor student contact/communication tracker in analytics

Instructor student contact/communication tracker in analytics

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It would be great to have a complete communication tracker in analytics to track regular and effective interaction between students and instructors. For example, when I look at analytics and the instructor communication, even though I sent e-mails to students using this “message students who” tool in gradebook, it shows that I have had zero communication with that student. The student has also received announcements from me through the class and still the analytics tool shows zero instructor communication. I would like a place where these various “outreaches/communications” are aggregated so I can look and see I’ve sent this student 5 messages (2 announcements, one “message students who” note, I responded to their email and they got an auto generated “good job on the quiz” note). It would be wonderful if it also captured that I put feedback on their assignment and replied to their discussion post. An ability to quantify my interactions with a particular student would be amazing. An average of these totals for all students in the class would be incredible. This would be helpful for me to see how much attention I am giving a student – especially a struggling student. It would also be helpful as I review other faculty to really see how much interaction is actually taking place. It is so difficult to tell because I do not see a place where this interaction is captured all together.

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Community Team
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@wwright Just to confirm, are you looking at the Weekly Online Activity Graph for the student and student-instructor interactions captured by New Analytics as described in the View Communication Data Table section of How do I view analytics for an individual student ... - Canvas Community 


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@Stefanie Yes, that is what I am looking at but I don’t see that it is capturing any group messages for that individual student. For example, if I send a “message students who” message to 5 students in the class, that communication doesn’t seem to register on that analytics tab with the communication. The same is true for messages sent to students through the comments space on their assignments or for announcements sent to students in the class. It seems that communications analytics only captures a small portion (if any) of the communication taking place between me and a student. Would love a way to fix that essentially.