Item Bank Management Tools Desparately Needed


I am support staff and work with up to 450 courses a semester. I am very concerned that New Quizzes is geared ONLY to individual Instructors and does not currently have the tools in place to allow support roles to build New Quizzes and Item Banks, as is easily done in Classic Quizzes.

New Quizzes DESPERATELY (and ASAP) needs:

1.  a tool for bulk sharing all Item Banks for a course with another user (identify user, pick rights, pick some/all course Item Banks, click GO)

  • I am migrating courses to New Quizzes for instructors. I just manually shared 144 Item Banks with an instructor who uses many small Groups of Questions in her exams. She only had 5 exams. There is a VERY high risk of error that I missed one, or did not changing "view" to "edit" rights when trying to "give" these to her. Its a horrid process as it stands now.

2. a tool to bulk remove self/anyone from Item Banks

  • As support staff, I do NOT want to "own" every Item Bank in every course I migrate for instructors, or which I later am asked to code for instructors (a very normal request).

3. a tool to duplicate Item Banks

  • each instructor teaching a stand alone version of the same course needs their own set of course Item Banks that they can edit BUT that won't be affected by other instructors' edits. Creating a new Item Bank then manually copying each question into it one at a time is not even remotely practical.

Without these features, the NQ tool is basically unsupportable by service staff.

Without these features, the process of rolling a course over to the next / another instructor will be basically undoable.


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Hi @embleton -

These are wonderful ideas! However, because we need each idea to only feature one request, we are archiving this thread. How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community? 

I did some searching through our open ideas, hoping to find ones that aligned. I found one that may be close. If you find that one or some of these would help you and your colleagues reach your goals, please comment and rate (star) them. You'll automatically receive updates when the idea progresses through our process. The other ideas would be brand new and would open for conversation if they are presented individually.

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