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Item Banks existing in New Quizzes

Item Banks existing in New Quizzes


We are working on import masses of questions via question banks. Currently, when you import a QTI file, there is no option on New Quizzes for question bank creation:


Why not? The fact New Quizzes runs as an LTI is probably the reason behind this, which limits a lot of interaction with the core platform.

New Quizzes look nicer, yes, but don't seem to be able to do everything you can do in old quizzes (which work perfectly fine, including on mobile) yet. So for now we are not inclined to recommend them to staff unless they need particular features of new quizzes.

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Iḿ having the same problem.  I have some quiz questions that I like to use in New Quizzes and change the submission type to utilize some of the new options such as sorting as well as using a mixture of questions utilizing the new response types with the questions that utilize the exisitng ones.

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I had two ideas that are related to this idea.  One has been archived due to not enough votes.  The other is still live and looking for more up votes to keep it moving forward.