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LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

This is a resurrected feature: LTI External Tools and Rubrics


The original text provided by the one and only Chris Hofer is as follows:


"When creating an Assignment in a course that uses the Submission Type of External Tool (Example: Turnitin LTI app), there isn't a way to add a Canvas rubric after the Assignment settings are saved.  The work-around for this is to create an Assignment the normal way (and not selecting External Tool as the Submission Type), and then you can add your rubric.  Next, go back into the editing screen of the Assignment, and change the Submission Type to External Tool.  You can then access your rubric via the SpeedGrader for grading students.  It would be nice to be able to also have an "Add Rubric" button on the screen for those assignments submitted through an External Tool."


I don't think I could say it better. We really need this to smooth out the not-so-smooth workflow of adding a rubric to a Turnitin assignment. With how heavily many institutions use Turnitin, this is not so much a feature request as it is a "must."

Adventurer III

I hope this is the best place to add a comment on the students' view of rubrics connected to LTI assignments. Here's what I just discovered when setting up a Google Docs cloud assignment for a spring 2019 class:

  • Created my assignment and left it No Submission so I could create a rubric
  • Edited the assignment and switched it to an External Tool so I could connect my Google Docs cloud assignment
  • Checked Student View to make sure things were okay (especially to check whether 'twas good to set it to open in a new browser tab/window)

Wait, where's my rubric? I found on the Canvas Guides document Canvas Release: Google Apps LTI that students have to go to the Grades page, select the assignment, then select the assignments details page before they can view the rubric. Really? And then I discovered that whether students see the rubric depends on how they access the assignment page.

I ended up making a blog entry with a video, thinking this is something that will come up as my colleagues explore using Google Docs cloud assignments: 

The Trouble with Rubrics and Google Docs Cloud Assignments 

Community Member

If you are using Google Drive LTI, then the answer is yes!!  Something I unfortunately learned the hard way!  Also, students who had opened the assignment prior to me going through these steps were doing the assignment, but what was submitted was blank (presumably because when I reattached the Drive assignment it created it as if it was new, no longer recognizing work done in the previous version).

Explorer III

Hear, hear Gregory! I had submitted a feature request about this just a year ago: Add "Submission Details" Link to Google Cloud Assignment - but it got no traction and is currently in Cold Storage. 


Whatever ends up being done for this, can we make it consistent across pages types? I'd love for students to be able to view a rubric in the same way for discussions, assignments, and quizzes. One option: if an assignment/discussion/quiz has a rubric, have a "Show Rubric" button appear in a standard location. This button should be positioned so that it's not covered up by external apps (like Turnitin).


I just realized my students have to go through too many steps to view the rubric for our Google Cloud assignment. This seems like an important request for Canvas to honor.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Is there any way to re-submit this feature request?  Apologies for not seeing it a year ago -- I would definitely vote for it, and know others who would, too.

Community Member

This is not a "nice to have" but a "must have" for my district as all summative grades require a rubric if there is any subjective grading.   As it is, I can choose to use Turn It In or have a rubric.  In addition, the student must be able to see the rubric in all views, not just some arcane, seldom used view.


 @Hildi_Pardo  to me it looks like this idea is still open for voting. Thus, I think it need not be resubmitted just yet!


I am still hoping this option could be allowed by Canvas.

At this time I am still using the trick of adding a rubric:

  1. cut the LTI link and change the submission to "paper"
  2. save the assignment
  3. add the rubric
  4. go back to the editing and select LTI re-entering the link
  5. tah-dah! you got a rubric linked to an LTI assessment!

It works, but it requires some work!


If you are adding MasteryConnect to be such a huge part of Canvas, but we need Canvas for grading and grade pass-back to our SIS, this feature seems like a requirement. If we cannot add a rubric to a MasteryConnect assessment (via Canvas assignment), then it is not possible to link our content to our gradebook, and we will have teachers needing to input their standards grading info in at least three places by hand. 


I am trying to do this with a Hypothesis assignment, and it just isn't working. Yes, I tried creating the Assignment first, then adding the Rubric, then editing the Assignment to use the external tool, but the Rubric still disappears.


This really would be helpful as I use Canvas rubrics a ton and I also use the External Tool "Google Cloud Assignment"

Community Member

This issue strikes me as a design flaw, not an idea/ proposal for improvement.  It seems like a fairly basic function to be able to edit a rubric once a Turnitin assignment has been created...

Community Member


As you predicted, this workaround no longer works. I tried it today with no success. Ugh.

- Dove


You can see it in SpeedGrader but not in the assignment.


This isn't just about Turnitin either. It's all external tool assignments. We use a lot of Google Cloud LTI assignments and they all have this shortcoming.

Surveyor II

I've been recommending people using the force a copy method for Google.  Here is a video on how to do that.  This method forces a copy of the assignment using /copy at the end of the URL.  You can then use the 'Online' submission option (rather than Google Cloud Assignment in the External Tools) and easily attach a rubric.

Community Member

This would be especially helpful now that we are doing distance learning and requirements for grading are slightly different and are dependent on using rubrics for all assignments (even multiple choice).

Community Member

I was playing around with Google Cloud assignments and I noticed how difficult it is for students to see the Rubric if it is an LTI assignment.

I also found that the workaround of applying the rubric BEFORE creating an external assignment to be somewhat a design flaw? It makes me also wonder why this hasn't been fixed yet. Especially that this request has been initiated 5 years ago.

I hope this gets fixed soon. 


Thank you  @brueckert ‌ and everyone in the Canvas Community for participating in this discussion.  I noticed this scenario when integrating flipgrid into my course assignments.  I was able to build a rubric in Flipgrid, but that didn't help me in SpeedGrader.  I thought maybe Flipgrid's LTI was to blame, but then edpuzzle's and nearpod's expressed the same rubric limitation. If your interested in integrating these apps as Canvas assignments check out the following blog posts:

Flipgrid:How To Create A Flipgrid Assignment 

Nearpod:How To Create A Nearpod Assignment 


Thanks again for everyone in the Community.  I appreciate you all.