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LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric

This is a resurrected feature: LTI External Tools and Rubrics


The original text provided by the one and only Chris Hofer is as follows:


"When creating an Assignment in a course that uses the Submission Type of External Tool (Example: Turnitin LTI app), there isn't a way to add a Canvas rubric after the Assignment settings are saved.  The work-around for this is to create an Assignment the normal way (and not selecting External Tool as the Submission Type), and then you can add your rubric.  Next, go back into the editing screen of the Assignment, and change the Submission Type to External Tool.  You can then access your rubric via the SpeedGrader for grading students.  It would be nice to be able to also have an "Add Rubric" button on the screen for those assignments submitted through an External Tool."


I don't think I could say it better. We really need this to smooth out the not-so-smooth workflow of adding a rubric to a Turnitin assignment. With how heavily many institutions use Turnitin, this is not so much a feature request as it is a "must."


I agree with many here. Fixing this would be a real benefit. It looks like students can now view the rubric, though instructors can't see it without going into student view or removing the external tool. But the real worry to me is that the workaround of temporarily removing the external tool will affect students who've already submitted some work, or are in the process of submitting.

Instructors can still choose to have the same workflow as before if given this option. It's just they aren't so highly constrained to have a perfect rubric in place. Just adding details or comments to a rubric after you see common answers is really helpful, and those comments don't necessarily need to be viewed by all students ahead of time. We can and should anticipate some common answers, but that's not realistic to expect it all of the time. In which case, this workflow constraint reduces the time-saving usefulness of rubrics. I only assume others have asked this rhetorical question: if the workflow is so critical with external tools in place, as evidenced by this constraint, why is it less important without external tools in place, as evidenced by no constraint being there when not using external tools? It seems like either way, we should be able to add, fix, or tweak a rubric without such worry or difficulty, and just be mindful of what students can see when they submit.

Surveyor II


Have you tried SpeedGrader? I can view an added rubric to an assignment with an external tool through speed grader (but it really doesn't help if you can't see the assignment in the speed grader, so I realize that's probably another issue altogether).


I could not believe this was not possible, and then this feature request is FIVE YEARS OLD?!? What are you doing over there Canvas people?? 


As many schools move from remote to hybrid and, hopefully, back to full-time, Canvas has become a staple in our teaching. I know many schools are considering what to keep and not keep for technology. Canvas is one that I know our district is planning to keep. There are great features like rubrics and external tools. However, with external tools, you can't use rubrics. This isn't a problem for google LTI, but many of my teachers are using Nearpods. I am suggesting an option, like for everything else, to add a rubric if the external tool can use a speed grader for grading. 

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