LaTex Editor in the Response Fields for Quiz Questions


Creating quizzes for mathematics classes on Canvas is heavily dependent on the Latex editor. For "fill in the blank", "multiple drop-down", and "matching" quiz problems, the Latex editor in NOT available when creating "possible answers" as it is for other question formats. We are requesting the Latex editor to be incorporated into "fill in the blank", "multiple drop-down", and "matching" quiz questions and the response fields.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly.

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Instructure Alumni
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The Canvas Community is currently evaluating each of these as an individual idea for possible development in New Quizzes (MathQuill): one for each desired question type. Please add your support to one or more of the following:

New Quizzes: Rich Content Editor (RCE) for Matching Question Types 

New Quizzes: Rich Content Editor in Categorize Questions 

New Quizzes: Allow Rich Content editing for fill in the blank 

New Quizzes: Responses in Fractions for Formula Questions 

We've archived this one to remove the duplication.

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The "new quiz" engine has replaced the old equation editor with "math quill", which may be easier for students that don't know LaTex but it is far less useful for those of us that know LaTex and are writing fairly sophisticated university level mathematics quizzes and exams.

Please bring back the old equation editor!!!