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Late Grade: Add a Weekly Percentage Deduction

Late Grade: Add a Weekly Percentage Deduction


Many schools' academic policies are defined so that student grades are reduced based on weeks

For example, our current academic policy is that students will receive a score reduction of -10% if it is turned in within a two-week window after the due date, and then it switches to -30% after that period, again per week.

The current Automatic Late Deduction tool in Gradebook is not useful as it only deducts grades per hour or day. Please add an additional feature that allows a user to:

  • select weeks, hours, or days
  • input the number of weeks, hours, or days that the policy is in effect

Our internal school policy is anything late will receive a 1 grade band deduction. Would be great to have have more flexibility around this, we would love to use the feature, but not currently possible.

Let the user determine exactly the penalty and exactly when it applies and at what rate it increases (in ours 0 increase). 


Our school is seeing this exact issue and would love to have the week option added to the choices.


We would love to see this happen too, 3 options, Hour, Day, Week would be ideal 


We have the same policy at our school.  We would love to be able to deduct percentages on a weekly basis.


Weekly and/or flat deductions would be really helpful! This seems so essential; I'm really surprised it's not already an option.


Our school is the same. Students receive a -10% for late assignments overall. It would be nice to set it for a maximum of 10% off for late assignments as an overall option, instead of hourly or daily.