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Currently the late penalty is automatically applied to all subjects. Would it be possible to set it up so it can only be applied to certain assignment categories?

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Is there a way to have separate late polices for different assignment groups? While it is possible to assign an automatic late policy for the course as a whole, this requires that you use the same policy throughout the course. Is there a way to assign separate late policies? 

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I'm an instructor. Instead of the gradebook settings requiring a default for all assignments, I would like to be able to set a default in a particular assignment category. As an English teacher, I do not always set reading or listening & speaking grades to zero when missing, since students sat in class & listened or read along, though they submitted nothing. I would like to be able to set a default of 40% or so for only reading assignments but leave writing assignments as default zero. when I try to set a default grade to a particular assignment, must I do this before the due date when the missing zeroes set in? I never check the box to overwrite grades, because I only want it set for the missing zeroes, but nothing changes.  It would be helpful to reset the zeroes to a certain amount after the due date.

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I think it would be really useful to be able to set a different late policy for different grading categories. Currently I have certain assignments that I will not accept late no matter what (since they are to prepare for class), and others that I would accept late. Currently, there is no way to differentiate this. It would be wonderful to have the option.

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The late policy automatically deducts points on all assignments and quizzes, and includes weekends.

Teachers should have the options to customize this policy as a whole or on individual assignments. You should be able to exclude weekends, exclude quizzes, or exclude individual assignments.

Canvas serves a variety of teachers and classrooms. In the standard, K-12 classroom I believe that it is still normal for teachers to not include weekends in their late policy. In an online or asynchronous course, I can fully understand weekends being included because it is an open course and schedule. I think teachers should be given the option to include them or not.

I think that the late policy being applied to a quiz should be an option for teachers to turn on or off. This could be an overall “do not apply late policy to quizzes” or could be an option on each individual quiz in the edit options. In the standard, K-12 classroom I do not believe that the majority of teachers take off points for a quiz being late. In the online or asynchronous course, I could see it being late.

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I agree that customization of the late policy would be of HUGE benefit.  I have to manually go in and subtract days from the "Days Late" to remove weekends, and then Grade Sync ALL, since Canvas does not recognize removing late points does not trigger Canvas to think it needs to re-sync those assignments.

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Being able to have a late penalty apply to one category, but not a different category, would be really helpful to me.  I use quizzes to check if students have read information and the "due date" is a suggested read by date, so I don't want students to get a penalty on these, nor do I want them to change the statue individually (and it's useful to me to see it's late, but not have a penalty).  Then there are other assignments that I would like to have a penalty.  I do hope you are able to change this.

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