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A recent update was made to Canvas with a particular adjustment of which I am not very fond. Many of my peers also agree that the format of the new submission page is inconvenient at best. Teachers often put information about the assignment in question on the assignment page, but the new overlay covers up a considerable portion of the page, making it more tedious to read over. This is the overlay which contains information about the name of the assignment, the possible point grade, the due date, the attempt number, the progress, and any teacher feedback. The overlay is a particular detail whose nature I and, as I have said, many of my fellow students have agreed upon being impractical and even a bit irritating.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Thanks for letting us know. From your description, it sounds like your school has enabled Student Assignment Enhancements. Our product managers are requesting feedback about the designs, so would you please add your thoughts to the comments section of  Update assignments navigation for students? We want to hear from you.

Here's a recent example of the iterative changes our designers are making to Assignment Enhancements.

Thanks again!