Let there be confetti when I sumit an assignment late.


I am sad. There was no confetti when I submitted my assignment. I know it was late, but doesn't this just add insult to injury? I cannot continue to strive for academic excellence while there is a lack of confetti on my submission page. Please, I am a programmer myself and I know that this is a very simple fix. For the sake of me and my colleagues, just make there be confetti.

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I agree.  Many students need that affirmation, especially when they struggle so much to finally get that assignment done.

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There can even be less confetti which implies, "even though you turned in this assignment late, we are still going to celebrate!" I think it is already difficult enough for someone who has already fallen behind or has less of a propensity towards exceling in academe to catch up. 

Whether due to negligence, stress, or mental health, no matter, if the assignment is submitted at least eventually, some celebration is encouraging, at least for me (a student). 

Me thinks just a little bit of digital confetti can go a long way towards boosting ones moral. Seems silly, but humans are sometimes silly and perhaps need silly things when life gets too serious and heavy. Silly things like digital confetti, even for a late submission, even if it's just a little less confetti than a timely submission. 


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I literally just created an account to echo this sentiment ^ 

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Canvas gives us confetti when we submit an assignment on time, but why don't they give it to us when we submit it regardless of the submission date? Many of us are struggling even to do our work, and we should be rewarded with cute confetti. An assignment is better handed in late than never. C'mon canvas, give all of us the confetti we deserve.

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As a middle school teacher, I agree with this sentiment.  Students also know they have completed the process properly when the confetti appears.  Maybe an option for the teacher - on time, all submissions, or off.

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