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Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

Please allow us the ability to set a specific date and/or time for content pages to be published ahead of time.


It would be nice to be able to schedule those times in advance. There are times I don't want to publish something for students to see until after class and that requires remembering to go back and publish. Forgetting to do so only then creates chaos.  It'd be nice to just set those times once the page is designed and avoid those circumstances.

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Could not agree more (with the suggestion or the 'absolute no brainer' comment; what could possibly be the downside?  

In the bigger picture, I fail to understand why Canvas does not view the organization as fit to make a determination regarding a suggested addition of or revision to a feature, based on recognition that an idea would clearly represent value added to the platform, requires little investment, and has no downside in sight.

The 'popularity contest' for suggestions should be operational only for one that is far out or experimental.

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 @glondon ‌ - what do you think about this idea? Could be beneficial - yes?

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Definitely,  @shaselwood ‌!  I just had this question the other day from an instructor who teaches multiple sections of a face-to-face course.  He wanted to schedule ahead of time the release of course materials after the students had participated in the lecture.  This would certainly be a plus.

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If you create a page of any sort and mark the "to do" option so it will show up on the to-do list and calendar, it shows up in those places whether or not the module for which it is intended is locked or not?

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If you are using mastery paths, you could schedule the page to be released to students only after they have a certain score on a graded assignment that precedes the date that you want the page published.  They will not even know it exists before that point, and you can even schedule different pages to release to different students depending on their score in the graded assignment. 

Alternatively modules can be programmed to require students to view pages in order, and any assignment that can use availability dates can be placed before the page you want to restrict.  (For example, an ungraded survey can be set as not available until after class and the module settings can be used to require students to submit the survey and view the content page in order.) 

This second option is flawed if you use a graded assignment and lock out late submissions, because students will never have access to the page if they do not submit the assignment on time. This frequently causes my modules to be subdivided, into a part 1 & 2.  Part 1 ends in assignments that lock and part 2 opens after part 1 is due.  It complicates planning the modules and clutters the module list that students see, but it is functional.

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These are great work arounds!

Some of the teachers that I work with have basic skills in Canvas (we're in our first year).  These work arounds could be great for them after they've learned to not just file drop Smiley Wink

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I don't want a work around. Just add the feature. It can't be more than

five lines of code.

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Daniel, as a simple instructor adding 5 lines of code is beyond my ability.  All I can offer is the solution that lets me teach my classes as I choose.

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Sorry, I thought I was sending to Canvas. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Yes! I don't know why some things in Canvas have this option and others, like Pages, do not.

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This is an excellent idea and would be very helpful for courses where we have pages that are released on a weekly basis. Would love to know why, three years after it was suggested, it still hasn't been implemented?

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Sad, isn't it. Particularly since Pages have since received the To-do list update... would it really have killed them to slide in this timed availability function at the same time? Apparently, yes it would have. Smiley Sad

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This is a feature that would significantly increase my teaching effectiveness. I regularly set up assignments that students don't need to see until they have had either instruction or particular experiences in the course. It is extremely easy to forget to publish something immediately after class. Not publishing when students need the item causes many problems in the course. Please put priority in adding this feature.

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This is a pretty basic function that was easy to do in blackboard.  I'm very surprised its not available here.

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Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages11/16/154 yrs, 4 mo, 15 d9,1631,0151298.83%
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Please create the ability to schedule a publish date and time. I have many

assignments that are important that students don't see until they have been

introduced in class. I have already established the assignments when the

semester begins. It is very difficult to remember to go in and publish an

assignment every time one needs to be available to the students. This

feature would greatly increase my efficiency as a professor.

C. Robin Miller

Professor of Theatre

Harding University

915 E. Market St.

HU 10,765

Searcy AR 72149


On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 8:38 PM <

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Please, please, please make this a reality. It doesn't make sense for students to see an assignment that is not available to them yet. It would be SO helpful to schedule when an item is published and the students NOT even see the title until it is actually published/available.

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I realize that we can 'lock' things such as Modules, but I don't want students SEEING them until a certain time, not just that they can't access it.  Two VERY different things.

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It's 2020 and this still hasn't been updated as a feature!?  I see comments dating back 4 years.  Come on guys!  We need this, especially now with teaching online during Covid-19.  Please make this happen soon!

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As we pull Google Classroom users into Canvas, this is a must-have feature. I'm embarrassed to tell them that it's not available in the best LMS in the world.