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Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

Let us schedule a Publish Date / Time for Content Pages

Please allow us the ability to set a specific date and/or time for content pages to be published ahead of time.


It would be nice to be able to schedule those times in advance. There are times I don't want to publish something for students to see until after class and that requires remembering to go back and publish. Forgetting to do so only then creates chaos.  It'd be nice to just set those times once the page is designed and avoid those circumstances.

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I would like this feature as well.  Unpublishing modules does NOT work when students already went ahead. Remembering to publish them manually is a pain. 

I am shocked to learn that after 3 years this very needed feature, has not been added. 

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I am incredulous that this topic has been alive for so long and has not moved beyond "Open for conversation." Being able to plan ahead is such a basic part of teaching it should have been a feature before anyone even raised it for discussion!

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How is this not a feature in Canvas yet?! There are many times I do not want students to see things ahead of time. PLEASE allow us to set a publish date/time! 

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oh I absolutely agree - so many times, i would love to be able to "pre-schedule" a quiz for a certain date as students would be able to see all quiz questions before taking the quiz if the quiz were published before the actual quiz date. 

If anyone comes up with a way to have that accomplished, I'd love to be among the first to be included in the loop.

Great to be able to jump in on the comments here

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We have been with Canvas since July and our colleagues are crying out for this feature. 

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As mentioned above, this feature is something that is essential with content that need to be made available at a particular time.

Rather than relying on the instructor to click the button right at the start of an exam, an automated start time would be much better for everyone involved. The students already have enough stressors in these times. Waiting for the exam to be opened after its scheduled start time is one that doesn't have to be there.

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Currently in Canvas, you can publish an entire module to unlock, or become available to students, at a specific date. You can also do the exact same thing with assignments, quizzes, and even files. So why can't we do this Pages? As we are moving more and more content online, it would be very helpful to control when specific pages are available to students. For instance, I have a module on a specific topic, like Diabetes Mellitus. I have created multiple content pages for sub-topics of Diabetes Mellitus.

  1. Module: Diabetes Mellitus

    1. Pathophysiology & Pharmacology of Orals
    2. Pharmacology of Non-insulin Injectables
    3. Patient Assessment and Initial Therapy
    4. Combination Therapy

On each of those pages, there are links to overviews, written/typed content, videos, recorded lectures, documents, discussions, and assignments/quizzes. We do not want students to open the page on Non-insulin injectables until week 2, after we have covered and completed the content for Orals. It is time-consuming and cumbersome to go through and lock each document and assignment. AND, the typed content on those pages would still be visible to students.

It would be helpful to control when a page is available in advance. Or at the very least, in the module requirements, allow us to lock a page until a specific date instead of having it open the minute someone views the previous page.

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I would appreciate this feature as well. Is it being developed?

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100  % agree with this. I could create and design much more effectively with this option.

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Please, please add this feature to content pages!! It would make life so much easier. I am currently on a leave of absence but want to still publish my course modules and content pages for my sub to use. I could schedule the whole week or even the entire time I am to be out!! 

Community Member

@danielle, how do you publish a file at a certain time? I can see the availability feature for quizzes and homework, but not for files (let alone pages). Ok, I see now in the publish icon it gives you that possibility, so just adding here to others: pages would be very useful to have published only after a certain date. 

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Yes, please add this

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I would also like to be able to schedule a separate release date for pages within a module. Has there been any progress on this request?

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completely agree with this feature request.

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I completely agree. We moved all of our 6-12 classrooms from Google Classroom to Canvas because of the pandemic and really, we'll be here to stay for the long haul most likely. 

One feature that teachers heavily relied on was the ability to schedule everything. In this transition to Canvas, they've mentioned the wish for this feature of scheduling Canvas Pages. They would find it very helpful. Every minute of an educator's time saved is important! 

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I would like to be able to set pages to publish on a certain date and unpublish on a certain date.


I was using assignments for this but it only turns off the submission link not viewability so I have to go into the slides I published in the assignment and turn them off there.  I can make it an assignment that doesn't take submissions but then the student have to manually clear from to do list and I am trying to get them never to do that.

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Canvas, please implement this request. This is absolutely basic functionality for an LMS (much more so than any of the ideas listed as "in development" at the time of writing). Its absence hampers the ability of teachers to schedule their courses. It is unbelievable this thread has been open since 2016 and has never been taken seriously.

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I wish this feature would be released instead of having to use clunky workarounds because it hasn't been implemented.

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Yes, please add a publish date/time. Can't really believe we are left to beg for this.

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just adding my support to the publish date/time thread. First time Canvas user at University, coming from Blackboard. I miss the ability to HIDE pages, files, modules, etc. until a certain date tremendously. The LOCK feature is way worse since the students can still see what's inside a module or see the link to a file. 

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