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Limit Number of Files Submitted for an Assignment

Limit Number of Files Submitted for an Assignment

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Our university used Moodle for many years, and faculty were able to limit the number of files each student could upload for an assignment. This was useful so that each student would upload the same number of files for each assignment. For example, if the number of files allowed to be submitted was set to 1, students could only upload one file instead of multiple files. Extra files requires extra downloads for teachers which can be confusing.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly.

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Community Team
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If I've told students once, I've told them a thousand times: "your homework should be one single file when you upload it". So, of course, what I get is half the students uploading a separate file for each page of their submission.

A multiple-file submission takes longer to grade in SpeedGrader, because the annotations take a few seconds to re-load when I switch between files in a single student's submission, and I can't scroll up to remind myself what I wrote on the student's previous page (because it's in a different file!). It also makes the likelihood almost zero that a student will read all of my feedback/annotations across their different files. (Why would they, when they already see their number-grade and they'd have to click through 10 different files to see all of my comments?? Remember, the SpeedGrader is slow to load files with annotations!)

How can I insist that students upload just one single, solitary, lonesome file when Canvas is always helpful enough to provide the "Add Another File" button? At the time of creating Assignments, can instructors be given the option of disabling this infernal "Add Another File" button?

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