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Limit or restrict toolbar 'insert' features in the New Rich Content Editor

Limit or restrict toolbar 'insert' features in the New Rich Content Editor

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When instructors want students to submit their work in an assignment as a 'text entry' only, while not allowing any file uploads as an option, the new Rich Content Editor has allowed students with the opportunity to still 'upload documents' as a formal submission using the 'upload document' feature available under the 'Insert' tab of the new RCE toolbar. As such, new insert tab has created a 'back door', if you will, allowing students to retrieve a file (i.e., saved WORD document) from their personal device and upload it as a formal submission.  The link generated in the text box then becomes the official submission, negating the need to copy/paste or manually enter the full online text entry.

Is there a way to have the system 'block' students from the insert feature of uploading documents when the instructor sets the submission to 'online' - - > 'text entry' only?

Community Team
Community Team
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When students are asked to use the text entry submission type in assignments they are presented with the full scale RCE allowing them to format text and even link to files. It is possible to have text entry submissions be anonymous but when students link to files the URL exposes the students name rendering the anonymity useless. It is apparently a feature request to have students anonymity fully functioning even in an anonymous text submission assignment therefore I am suggesting the following since this is not considered a bug:

Have the RCE be stripped down so that tools within the editor that create content that link to resources that expose the students names in anonymous assignments can't be used. Since it is not intended use to have students link to files in the text submission type (as I have been told by the support team and our CSM) it should also not be possible and not depend upon whether or not instructors have given correct instructions and whether or not students read these instructions.