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There needs to be a line spacing option on the Formatting Toolbar.  When you key text, it automatically wraps to the next line, which is okay.  However if you want to align it under the previous line - pressing 'Enter' - it leaves too much space (like a double space).  We should be able to change the spacing between the lines of text. 

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 @pamelas_harris ‌

Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, please know that it's possible to accomplish this directly in the UI by keying in Shift-Enter instead of Enter when a single line space is desired between lines.

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PLEASE add the option to double-space or single-space in text should not be so difficult for such a  simple and common feature. 

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I would also like to request the ability to highlight and change easily. I was able to use shift enter on a page, but it is not working inside a table, even when I single space on the page and copy into the table (single cell table). I have looked and cannot find an easy way to accomplish this, so I am going to try to some other ways. Multiple rows and see if I can get rid of the padding above and below and then hide the borders. Not sure it will work, but this is way too difficult...

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This feature has been lost in the upgrades done along the way. 

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I agree. It should be simpler.

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