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Link Observers to Students for Messaging

Link Observers to Students for Messaging

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When writing a message to a parent, Observer, it can be very difficult to know who their parent is exactly without having to first search through the People page. The People page does not allow us to Message Observers. It would be wonderful if when drafting messaging, and the Observers list was pulled down is said something such as

Tim Smith Observing Bobby Miller 

Observers do not always have the last names of our students and they sometimes are mixed families too. This would help tremendously so I know which Observer belongs to which Student. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @TampaNative -

I'm sooo happy to see this Idea resurface! I think the first time I submitted this as a topic for conversation was in 2016? It's been a while! I think it's difficult to remember who is observing which student if last names don't match when you're working in the Inbox! 

In the meantime, my campus has adopted some custom CSS that's available because of a very kind Community member. Messaging Observers of Students in Canvas  has great solutions! I love having the custom script, and it's used frequently.


I am currently teaching 6th and 7th grade math. 

When composing a message to a student, it would be SO BENEFICIAL to have a little checkbox to "cc the Observer" connected to that student. I have over 100 students, almost exclusively virtual, and can't always remember whether there is an observer and what the name is (sometimes, parents just register as an observer with a first name).