Link Student Analytics URL in Email Envelope push to students

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As a teacher it would be extremely helpful to be able to push the students analytics report link to the student when clicking the email envelope from the analytics screen.


i.e.  1.  Teacher clicks envelope on the student's analytics screen.

       2.  Student Analytics URL is automatically appended to message generation editor.

       3.  Student get message and can click URL to be directed to their Analytics.

       4.  Teacher dances with Glee!


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Excellent idea! This will allow teachers to direct students to reflect on their overall progress in a course on a whole new level. Overall weighted average will only tell them so much. With this, they could see exactly what areas they struggled with when reviewing for a final exam, or what particular types of assignments they struggle with so that they can ask for alternatives or future support. Nice one!


Hello nthanos

Thank you for taking the time to submit to the feature ideas forum.

I just now updated your idea submission to the queue that will open for vote on June 3rd.

Not to mention the additional health benefits to those dancing teachers!  Smiley Happy



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This would be a great enhancement for the Canvas community.

Thanks for suggesting it, Nathan!

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This is a fabulous idea!

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Hi Everyone - Since (old) Student Analytics will not be built out further, Instructure's Product Team decided to archive this idea. Thank you for your contributions!