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Link to assignment on feedback page and autopopulate feedback

Link to assignment on feedback page and autopopulate feedback

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When students click on the assignment from grades/recent feedback to view their score, they can view their feedback by clicking "View Feedback." This font is extremely tiny. It would either be ideal to enlarge this font, or show a preview of the feedback on that screen.


Additionally, a link to the original assignment description would also be ideal. This would be especially ideal for Google Assignments LTI, so students don't have to navigate back to modules/assignments to find out what the feedback is on their assignment.

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing these suggestions. The idea description contains two separate requests for enhancing students' view of assignment comments—larger font, and link to assignment description—so we're not able to move it forward as a focused discussion. 

We have long-standing and actively-monitored requests for improving the student feedback experience, and your comments might fit well into one or both:

Making feedback more visible to students

Student view: View submissions and comments for al... 

Last, students whose schools have adopted Student Assignment Enhancements will see a new and different interface for feedback, as depicted in How do I know when my assignment has been submitte... -  More details about the project are in the group hub: New Student Enhancements Users Group.

Thanks again.

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