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Lock Canvas Catalog Certificate of Completions

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Lock Canvas Catalog Certificate of Completions

We were made aware that a student or Catalog administrator has the ability to edit a certificate of completion after downloading the PDF from Canvas Catalog then opening the certificate in Adobe Acrobat. We would like the certificate of completion PDF to be locked for students to edit and only allow for Catalog administrators to edit the certificate of completion if necessary.317275_pastedImage_1.png


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Greetings Smiley Happy

A noteworthy endeavor!  I hope this initiative continues to gain momentum within our community!

Have a SUPER Day!


Thank you,‌! Smiley Happy

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It may be worth mentioning that even if measures were put in place to lock a PDF file from editing there is still nothing to prevent a motivated user from taking a screen capture of the PDF and subsequently editing it in their favorite photo editor.  As I understand, if the desire is to have a document that is verifiable in the sense that one can check that the file has not been modified, then Badgr would be a preferred solution over PDF certificates.  But, if tampering methods for PDF files can be thwarted, I'm all for that as well.



Thanks,‌ for your additional comments. I totally agree with you.