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.MKV Video Format Acceptance

.MKV Video Format Acceptance


We're finding that Canvas doesn't accept .mkv video files as a media type for submission. Speedgrader refuses to play these files. Our Lenovo Chromeooks default record with the .mkv file format when recording video -- separately from using the online recorder in Canvas, -- meaning that students must use a converter to submit recorded video in Canvas. Additionally, many popular applications, including TikTok, use .mkv files, so adding this option will provide greater accessibility for students to submit their work in Canvas. 

We would like to see .mkv formatted videos accepted in Canvas. 

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The fact that .mkv is the default on chromebooks makes this feature an ESSENTIAL for development for canvas. I teach recently arrived ESL students and we are emphasizing speaking skills during distance learning. I have created "discussions" with each student where the task is to send videos back and forth for more "asynchronous" speaking time. I have some students with unreliable internet, and some using the cellular network hotspots provided by our district. IT says that this may be causing my students to be unable to record using the online embedded canvas tool (relies on internet), so I had the student record a video on their chromebook and upload it... only to discover it is one of the only video formats canvas cannot process! Why?? The world of tech is already so difficult for my students to navigate - these kind of barriers feel like a cruel joke.


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So, how do we solve this problem? I have a whole bunch of recordings to grade, and several of them are mkv files. What is the solution?


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yes, please. How did you solve this problem?

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Container formats aren't revolutionary, the widely supported ones should be knowable: