Make Color Coding Optional in Rubrics


Rubrics have changed recently, adding color coding to the scores, with green for the highest scores and then orange and red for lower marks. I emphasize to my students that C or B is a good score, but now those who have earned a C or B have red marks on their rubrics. The color coding does not reflect my judgment of my students' achievements. Teachers should have the ability to disable color coding in rubrics, or it should be removed altogether. For more information, please see the discussion: New color coding in rubrics 

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Hopefully Canvas can get this one on their radar soon.  Orange vs Red is not good for accessibility either.

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I don't see where to vote, but I am in agreement with a more nuanced color coded rubric.

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I don't understand why this hasn't been changed yet, given that this idea has been open since late 2018 and people are still replying and voting in favor of this. 

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Why hasn't this been fixed in 3.5 years? I endorse what all have said - the color-coding sends the absolute wrong message and the color choices are not good for accessibility!

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Yes, please make this optional/editable! Written work is rarely given a perfect score - so students are always seeing "red"

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Has this colour coding in Rubrics been sorted yet? I'm trying to encourage K-12 youngsters and the "red" isn't doing me any favours??

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I'm sharing another vote for customizable color-coding in rubrics, please. Color is an important part of how students view instructors' rubric-based feedback. Please let us avoid sending the wrong message to students about their work and progress. 

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