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Make Hide Student Names in SpeedGrader More Anonymous

Make Hide Student Names in SpeedGrader More Anonymous

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The issue: I voluntarily choose to grade my students' work anonymously. However, I need to quickly unblind from time to time to determine how I might moderate my comments. For example, if I suspect I am reading the work of an English language learner, I want to confirm before crafting or submitting my comments. For the ease of switching between blind and unblind grading, I use the "Hide student names in SpeedGrader" setting. Unfortunately, this feature assigns the students a number based off alphabetical order and that number stays with them no matter how I sort the students in that assignment. Overtime, I learn to associate student "John Doe" with "Student 3." Consequently, the "Hide student names in SpeedGrader" feature doesn't effectively hide their names.

The solution: Make the "Hide student names in SpeedGrader" feature function the way anonymous grading does, where it randomizes the student numbers in SpeedGrader.

Community Team
Community Team
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This would be useful for instructors at our college.  Thanks!