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Make Sub-Account Name a Hyperlink in the New Course Search

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Make Sub-Account Name a Hyperlink in the New Course Search

It would be panda awesome if in the New Course Search Tool the sub-account name was a hyperlink to that sub-account. 

Why is this necessary?

Because not every admin knows the path of where to find a sub-account or how many layers down that sub-account might be. There are times when an admin needs to see what's in a sub-account, update a permission, update a tool's setting, see all the courses, etc. and there is not an easy way to get to a sub-account unless you know the path.

All that would change if you could search for a course and click on the hyperlink sub-account name.


Adventurer III

Voted! As always, cms_hickss, you have the best ideas.

Learner II

Thanks to  cms_hickss‌ for creating new descriptive adjectives (or word modifiers?) such as 'Panda - Awesome'.   

Community Member

Yes this would make things much better and I would not find a way to use javascript to do it.

Learner II

I agree. This would be helpful!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

This is such a cracking idea. Would help hugely! Great call cms_hickss