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Make late policy affect only attempts submitted after the due date/time

Make late policy affect only attempts submitted after the due date/time


Currently in the New Gradebook, instructors can set the gradebook so that late penalties are automatically deducted. It is unfortunate that in multiple-attempt quizzes for which only the highest-scored attempt is to count, penalties for late submissions can adversely affect scores from attempts that were on time.


For example, suppose a quiz has multiple attempts, and only the highest score is preserved in the gradebook. The instructor allows late attempts with an automatic deduction 25% per day. Prior to the deadline, a student earns a kept score of 75%. When the student attempts the quiz again a day late, he again earns a raw score of 75%. Instead of deducting 25% from the late submission, the gradebook deducts 25% from the kept score. Thus, even though student's highest attempt is the 75% earned before the deadline, his score is recorded as only 50%.


So, I am asking that late penalties apply individually to attempts. Once the attempt is adjusted automatically accordingly, then the gradebook should select or calculate the kept score based upon whatever rule has been set up (such as highest attempt).

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 We want to encourage faculty/students to do more learning activities, not discourage them. If students are scared that they'll get a late score if they redo their quiz for practice, how does that help their learning? Workarounds are fairly useless: if students see their attempt marked "late", even if the faculty member changes it later, the wrong message has already been sent.

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Why can't we give "kudos" or thumbs up to previous comments?  I have nothing new to add, but I want to support everything that has been said recently.  Consider this my "kudos" to all recent comments.