Manage student creation of Conferences and Collaborations from course settings

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If a teacher enables Conferences and/or Collaborations in the course navigation menu, students are able to create their own Conferences and Collaborations at the course level. You can't stop them from doing this.

With Discussions there is an option in Course Settings to stop students creating their own Discussion boards at the course level. 

It would be useful if a similar option was provided for Conferences and Collaborations.  

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I think it is desirable in most cases that students can create conferences and collaborations in their group home pages. So in my opinion there should be 2 options in the course settings:

1) Student can create conferences/collaborations at the course level (default No)

2) Student can create conferences/collaborations in their group home pages (default Yes).

Another solution is the separation of course conference creation permission and group conference creation permission. Currently there's only one permission 'Web conference create', that allows creation of conferences both at the course level and in a group. I would rather see two permissions: 'Course conference - create' and 'Group conference - create'