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Manually mark assignments late/on time.

Manually mark assignments late/on time.

I would like the ability to manually mark assignments late or on-time in the Canvas gradebook.  I use an external source called TestOut to deliver content to students and it has built-in labs and quizzes that I use for grades.  Since the students complete these outside of Canvas I have to manually enter the grades and would like the ability to toggle if the assignments were completed late.  I would also like the ability to remove the pink indicator of an assignment having be submitted late should I feel the need to do so.

This is similar to the ideas that were submitted here

and here that didn't get enough votes. 

This would really help to give me a better, more accurate, visual representation of how students are doing and would allow me to more effectively communicate with advisors.  

Thank you.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

This idea has been completed with the release of Canvas Release: New Gradebook 

Community Contributor

Thank you,  @jdesiderio , for suggesting that this feature would also be used as an override to Canvas's built-in function based on the calendared due date.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jdesiderio 

There is already a feature idea open for voting that might meet your needs. Please check itout and let us know. If it works for you, we will archive this idea to avoid duplication.

I hope this helps,


Community Participant

I'd prefer to keep mine open as the other one doesn't specifically mention having the ability to also deselect assignments that get flagged as late that we want to change. Also, it's been out there for a month and only has three votes where mine has been up for a day and has 5. I have a feeling mine might get more traction.  I've already shared the word at my college about this one.  



Community Champion

I've added this to the page which ended up being an accumulation of ideas and discussion related to (problems with) Gradebook labels and messages: 

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Hi Joseph, looks like this is a popular idea. seems to be proposing the same thing and has a bit more traction.  Maybe everyone who voted this one up can also vote the other one up.  You can also ask the ones there to vote yours up.  Honestly, Canvas should just combine the votes on both of these, as well as on  and just get this into production already.

Community Team
Community Team

 @ezaurova ‌

Most the time we're able to keep duplicates at bay, but in this case the duplicates are out on the surface on purpose.  They're related to‌, and have been tagged as such.  If Jive (community software) allowed a way to merge ideas, we would have done so.  However this is not possible, and a 1+1 of votes is not accurate either - as there are some individuals that have voted on each of these.  

So these will remain open until they progress through the priority!

Community Team
Community Team
Comments from Instructure

This idea is in development as part of Priority: Gradebook Enhancements‌ phase 1.

Some of the phase 1 features are available for testing via the Focus Group: New Gradebook‌.  If you do not have access you can request it through your local Canvas admin or CSM (customer success manager).

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Joseph I agree. I too would like to toggle if the assignments are late. The previous comments were helpful in getting some direction on this but more advice would be helpful.

Community Team
Community Team
Comments from Instructure

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas.

For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-11-18) and