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The ability to mark an assignment as Done or Complete or Turned In or something similar since external tools used for submission leave Canvas submissions empty and the students view of grades still shows assignment as Missing even after grading. This causes a lot of confusion and anxiety over whether or not an assignment was actually completed

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Agreed. This is especially important for students who are turning in different ways on the same assignment for whatever reason. One might choose "online" because they are home sick or on vacation. Another may choose "on paper" due to an IEP accommodation. Many teachers have students write "I did this on paper" as a Text Entry submission, but that workaround shouldn't be necessary if the tool worked with common behavior.

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For instructors who are teaching hi-flex (courses where students choose to come to class or study online), can you add a feature that allows instructors to mark an "Online" assignment that has been turned in "on paper" as "submitted"? To allow for flexibility (especially during the pandemic), instructors often include the "submit online" option for assignments that normally would be submitted in-class, so that students working from home can still submit their assignments. The problem is, students who have submitted their assignments in class continue to get reminder notifications and their assignments are assigned a "missing" status once the due date has passed. This can be stressful for students, and can also condition them to ignore the due date reminders. I would like to see an option to mark an "Online" assignment as submitted, when a student submits it in class. This feature would give instructors time to grade these types of assignments and alleviate the stress of the "missing" status and reminders, in the meantime. Thank you for considering this request.

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I would love a "turned in" flag with the drop down "None, Late, Missing, and Excused" or in the drop down in the gradebook for an assignment. I could assign it to all that don't have a zero. As an English teacher, students submit assignments that take me days to grade; however, I get an influx of emails from parents complaining that they don't know if their kids turned it or didn't until I get done grading it. 

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I agree with this, it also helps determine who is missing the assignment if I can mark them turned in.

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