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Mark asigments as homework

Mark asigments as homework

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Can we get a function to mark an asigment as homework?

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Community Team
Community Team Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Would you please elaborate on this request? Are you a teacher, a student, or an observer? What does "homework" mean in this context (as that's not a term native to Canvas)? Where would this action be performed? Describing the use case and workflow will help our members appropriately assess this idea.

Thanks, Jesper.


He I am teacher. I mean a mark you can ad to an asigment som students can see that this asigment is an homework asigment;-)

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for providing that clarification,‌. As mentioned before, "Homework" is not a term intrinsic to Canvas. In addition, the term itself can mean different things to different teachers. Some might consider "homework" to be practice assignments students do at home; others might consider "homework" to be the graded assignments a student must complete. Still others might reserve "homework" exclusively for reading activities, such as URL links to external sources or pages within Canvas.

In other words, because "Homework" is not defined by Canvas, the ability to mark an item as "Homework" is not a standard Canvas would be able to implement. Many instructors choose to use the course activities list, which is automatically generated for students according to how the instructor has customized the Assignments page, to display required assignments: How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor? 

The quickest way for you to accomplish this in your own course is to determine what constitutes "Homework" in the course and add that word to the title of the page or assignment or quiz that you consider to be homework, making sure to communicate to your students that that is the approach you've chosen in the course design.