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Mark assignment as done (similar to module)

Mark assignment as done (similar to module)

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Right now I can only have students mark part of a module as DONE.

When I choose an assignment to be graded as  Complete/Incomplete, I'd like them to be able to mark an assignment as done and have gradebook automatically put a checkmark for me.

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I have a multitude of "mark as done" assignments in my courses. These are reading assignments, videos, etc. The issue is they don't cross to the grade book so I have to add a checkmark to each of these assignments in the grade book. It would be easier if it automatically populated in the grade book. One of my courses is self-paced so I cannot just assign the checkmark to all students as they are completing the course at different speeds. 

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I have mark as done for assignments from an external curriculum.  Before I have the chance to grade them, I would like to know who hasn’t done it at all.  A checkmark in the grade book for mark as done would let me know automatically.