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Marking all announcements read

Marking all announcements read


In the student interface, currently it is not possible to select multiple or all announcements to make them marked as read. As a result, often times a student's announcement thread will fill up to the point that they will no longer be able to notice when an instructor sends out an announcement, thus creating the possibility of a student missing out on something important. 

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your help. Is there any reason why the api would limit the number of courses you are allowed to import to 10? It worked great for the first 10 courses listed on my canvas.




Good catch--didn't think about that! I believe listing courses follows the same pagination model as the announcements, so you'd probably just have to pass {"per_page": 10000} or something like that as a param to that GET request, e.g.

# Get all courses
courses = requests.get(MY_DOMAIN + "/api/v1/courses", headers=auth, params={"per_page": 10000})

See if that works. And happy holidays!


-- Sam

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I highly agree that not having a "mark all as read" option is very frustrating. As my SPED class this semester has 11 different groups for our term project, all of the assignments get uploaded 11 times to Canvas. Since each group only needs their specific file, it leaves a large, growing number of unread notifications all the time and it becomes quite irritating.

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This feature is all the more becoming important. Can all teacher's interfaces have the same feature as well? 

More and more requests are being raised by schools now!!

Thank you,



Please can Canvas introduce a "mark all as read"-button for the announcements? When I read announcements on the Canvas app, they are still marked as unread on my computer, and I have to manually go through and open all the announcements I have already read.


It seems that you cannot mark announcements as "read" from the course inbox in a user-friendly way (like in email, where you just click on the message and it marks it as "read" or you can select several messages at once and mark them "read" from the right-click menu). It makes me nervous when I see 10 unread announcements on my dashboard, when I have already read them in the Canvas interface. This distracts me from my actual work and creates clutter in the interface.

There should be an option to select Announcements and mark them as "Read" or a "Mark All as Read" option.  
There are many announcements that I've read already from my email account connected to my Canvas account, so when I log into Canvas, I have to select every single one--and it doesn't have the side arrows so I have to keep going back to the Announcements tab and read every single one of them--so I can keep an eye out for new announcements.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will make this change in the future.

Is this really still not a thing? Seriously, I read these as emails, and the feature in canvas is just clutter at this point. i.e.:


Must I really click every one of these to get rid of the blue circles? @Stefanie 


This is something that would be significantly helpful for students wanting to clear announcements. When a course sends 20+ announcements designed for you to only read the ones you want, a mark all as read button would come in handy to remove the unread notification icon. 


How is it that after just over two years they still haven't implemented such an obviously elementary feature?

Where the hell has 83.5 million dollars of R&D spending gone?

(Edit: 2 years and 2 months since this post. At least 6 years since I started using Canvas at my university. You'd think someone on the dev team has used email before.)

(Edit2: Also the max number of notifications that seem to be able to show on a course card is '11', lol)