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Mass personal messages

Mass personal messages

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It would be beneficial if Canvas would allow the upload of student numbers or names from a CSV file to send mass personal messages.  For example you need to message 170 students out 2000 students in the school.

Broadcasted announcements tend to be ignored more than personal messages.

Admin often have critical messages to individual groups of students in the school and hand entering multiple student names for a personal messages is very time consuming.  

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Community Team
Community Team
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Seems like this idea was suggested back in 5/31/2018 in the Inbox Replacement Strings page. It's a shame to see Canvas not get with the times. Their competitor D2L Brightspace has this feature, not sure why its taken Instructure so long to develop this feature request. Its proven fact that student engagement increases when messages are personalized.

We'd like to see the Canvas inbox messages to have similar if not better features of Mailchimp such a read receipts. Knowing who has or has not read the message and how many users have read the message would be helpful data to have.


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^ Yes, thank you! I'm not holding my breath on read receipts if "Dear {fname}," is not even possible but this should absolutely be a feature.

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We also need this feature. It would be even better if you can use the student data already present in Canvas for mailmerge.