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Merge Canvas Quizzes with New Quizzes

Merge Canvas Quizzes with New Quizzes

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Why are there two quiz creation options? This is crazy to me. Put all of the features together into one thing called "quizzes." Furthermore, in the new quizzes option if you create a matching question and they miss one of the answers the get the whole thing wrong, where as in old Canvas quizzes partial credit is possible. 

The fact that there are two quiz generators on Canvas highlights the deficiencies of Canvas. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Less buttons, less options, better categorization, better hierarchy of buttons and tools. 

Community Team
Community Team
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You can follow the timeline for New Quizzes

There is a timeline there that shows the plan for New Quizzes to replace classic quizzes.

Surveyor II

There only used to be one (what they're calling "Classic Quizzes" now). They rolled out a new one recently, eventually intended to replace the old one for good, but thank goodness they made it optional at first—New Quizzes aren't fully ready and functional.