Merging LTI and Canvas Speed Grader

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It would be really great to have access to the grading function from SpeedGrader while on Google LTI assignments. My district requires us to use the LTI function, but that is not as functional. ]

Here's why: 

1. Students can't access their feedback easily, as they have to navigate between multiple windows. 

2. Teachers can't easily give feedback, as they have to have the LTI document open in one window, and then the SpeedGrader open in another window, as the rubric is on the SpeedGrader window. 


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Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @DanielleFarrell -

Thank you for sharing this with the Community. We don't need to move this forward for broader conversation because the initiative is well underway. 

Google will post updates on their page: Assignments Community 

Also, please browse the information in this blog: Google Assignments + Speedgrader Workaround